Legislative Tracker and Advocacy Groups

Legislative Tracker and Advocacy Groups

Use the searchable database below to determine if your state has pending LGBTQ+ legislation and local advocacy groups you can support that fighting to secure LGBTQ+ rights.

Note: I am not familiar with all of the advocacy groups included in the links on the list, please do your research before donating or volunteering for a specific group.

Last updated: March 16, 2022

Visit the ACLU website for a more up-to-date list of pending bills (ACLU updates their list weekly)

Visit the Movement Advancement Project State Profiles and the GLSEN Policy Maps to see what anti-LGBTQ+ laws a state already has on the books.

View this Forbes article for information on CRT bills pending and passed.

Database Key

1 = Bills Restricting healthcare for transgender youth

2 = Bills Focused on Single Sex Facility Restrictions

3 = Bills Excluding Transgender Youth from Athletics

4 = Bills Focused on Other School or Curriculum Restrictions

5 = Bills Restricting Accessing Accurate ID

6 = Other Anti-Trans Bills

7 = Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

8 = Religious Exemptions in Healthcare Implicating LGBTQ People

9 = Religious Exemptions in Adoption & Foster Care

10 = Other Religious Exemption Bills

11 = Other Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

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