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There is no mathematics 'cold and austere' that keeps me here on earth. I come to mathematics carrying all of my humanity. My relationship with it passes through my experience. It affects my view of my world and I bring to it my own perceptions. I can't relate to Bertrand Russell's notion that mathematics is beyond humanity. Without us it is nothing.

-Autumn Kent, PhD (Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin)

My name is Brandie E. Waid (pronouns: she/her/ella) and I am an independent math coach/consultant and scholar based in Northern New Jersey. My work is heavily influenced by my life experiences as a queer, second generation Cuban American from a conservative Catholic upbringing. Like Autumn Kent, I believe that we each "come to mathematics carrying all of [our] humanity" and that mathematical learning is impacted by the experiences each individual brings to the classroom.

I founded QMT to support districts, schools, universities, departments, and individual teachers in implementing teaching practices and curriculum that honors the humanity that each of their students bring to their mathematics learning. The teaching strategies and curriculum design principles that I emphasize in my coaching is largely influenced by queer pedagogy, methods of re/humanizing mathematics, and essential teacher competencies (those emphasized by Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez - pedagogical knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, mathematical knowledge and political knowledge for teaching).

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