Visions of a Re/humanized Mathematics for LGBTQ+ Students

A Six-Part Professional Development Series


Were you following Brandie's summer work with The Camp of Mathematical Queeries and interested in learning more? Here's your chance! The Queer Mathematics Teacher is launching a 6-part (virtual) professional development series to convey lessons learned from the summer opportunities and to help teachers in creating similar queer inclusive and liberatory mathematics opportunities in their own mathematics classrooms.


The series has been designed for teachers and coaches of mathematics in grades 6-12 and for teacher educators working with in-service or pre-service teachers in grades 6-12.

Registration will be limited to 30 people, with a minimum of 10 participants needed to run. Should more than 30 people be interested, QMT will consider offering the series to a second cohort (likely on Wednesdays).


The Queer Mathematics Teacher is offering a 6-part (virtual) professional development series for teachers of mathematics in grades 6 - 12 or for Teacher Educators working with in-service or pre-service teachers in grades 6-12. The series will provide teachers with an opportunity to explore ideas related to LGBTQ+ identity, heteronormativity in K-12 schools, queer theory, queer pedagogy (mathematical inqu[ee]ry), and centering queer joy in their mathematics instruction.  Teachers will also be provided with examples LGBTQ+ inclusive mathematics tasks that have been designed for middle and high school students. Some of these tasks were developed and/or implemented during the Camp of Mathematical Queeries, while others have been designed and/or implemented to be used in middle or high school classrooms. At the end of the 6-week series, teachers will also be provided with an opportunity to begin developing their own mathematics task and receive feedback on that task.

In addition to the six virtual workshops, participants will be invited to a private "hub" on the QMT website, which will feature weekly discussion prompts to engage in further learning and community discussion. The hub will also house a number of additional workshop resources and materials, as well as session recordings.

Certificates of attendance will be issued to all attendees. State Department of Education professional development requirements vary, so are encouraged to check with their DOE to determine if the certificate is sufficient evidence.


Our next cohort offering will meet every other Tuesday beginning February 15th through April 26th via zoom from 7:30-9PM ET

How Much?

The fee is a sliding scale of $75-$150. Purchase Orders accepted (reach out for details)


Questions should be directed to Brandie. You may contact her via one of the social media channels at the bottom of this page.


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